With the Charlotte music seen projected to be just as influential as Atlanta in less than 8 years, there’s a lot of new music clicks and artist popping up all over town. Just in time for the fall season, there’s a new song in the Carolinas going crazy in the streets! Icee Money Entertainment presents Jayway Sosa, Face, and Cha Soo Cold. Their new hit Sh*t Together is seriously BUZZing ing the QC.


I like these guys. Yes, they come from the streets. Yes, they live what they talk about. In all honesty, their sound can get them VERY far. But the thing I like most about them is they’re not afraid to get out and talk to the people. You can find them on them patio every Sunday at Label talking with people. Making sure them streets know their faces.


Take a listen and let me know what you think! Enjoy. (To save, right click then click save to computer)