Beyonce is no longer the Queen of Instagram anymore. She has officially been dethroned by the one and only Kim Kardashian-West.

According to Tech Insider, Kim has reached 44.1 million followers last night while Beyonce’s still at 44 million. The site shared Kardashian and Beyonce’s exact numbers of followers, and the difference isn’t even 70,000 (Kardashian is at 44,005,604 with Beyonce at 43,935,648).

It’s just Instagram right?! Well it’s not just Kardashian that Beyonce should look out for. Creeping up on both Beyonce and Kardashian is Taylor Swift, who isn’t far behind with 43.7 followers.

I really don’t care about this mess but I think it’s interesting that 44 million people find Kim to be… well… she’s bad but… Well I got a girlfriend so I’ma keep quiet! Lmao. Enjoy.